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Ernst Pracher GmbH
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85368 Moosburg an der Isar

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Company Profile

Are you looking for a partner in the metal industry, that has the professional know-how when it comes to the mechanical processing of stainless steel and metal? At Pracher Mechanik in Moosburg you are at the right address. Here we process metal with passion!

As a longstanding family enterprise, Pracher Mechanik belongs to the specialists in the metal processing business.

As a longstanding family enterprise, Pracher Mechanik belongs to the specialists in the metal processing business.

Company History

We are a family enterprise run in the third generation. 

Since decades we produce high-quality mechanical components made of metal and other materials.

The company was founded in 1922 by Hans Pracher and passed on the Ernst Pracher sen. in 1952. His son, Ernst Pracher jun., is the managing director of the company since 1991. We are a dynamic enterprise within the metal industry and are expanding goal orientated and focused; in 2001 we moved to new factory premises, to ideally fulfill the rising number of orders. Finally, in the middle of 2009, a schooling center was founded with the leading principle: connection of theory and practice.

Join us and become part of this successful company history!

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We offer you a qualified and motivated team, that has an ideal solution for every area from mechanics to CNC technology, production, apprenticeships and advanced training. 

The specialist team of Pracher Mechanik: 

  • Pracher, Ernst - CEO, Master Craftsman of Mechanical Engineering, MBA
  • Pracher, Natalie - Executive Assistant
  • Mochwitz, Oliver - Master Metalworker, Welding Instructor, Visual Inspector, Certified Vocational Trainer
  • Pfeil, Matthias - Master Craftsman in Precision Mechanics,Cutting Machine Operator, Training Supervisor


In the area of training, Pracher Mechanik is a cooperation partner of ONYX Power Kraftwerk Zolling. Trainees specializing in Precision Mechanic from Zolling learn about manufacturing here, while the focus at the power plant is on maintenance and servicing. 

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Through cooperation we are able unite more expertise within the metal industry. Our cooperation partner is the MIA Akademie.


In the metal processing business quality and indiviuality are required, which is why we prove our quality requirment through ISO certifications and distinctions in the areas of mechanics and CNC-technology as well as welding. 

  • Certificate ISO 9001:2015
  • Certificate ISO 3834-3:2006